Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

We all experience stress in our lives but do we take time to practice self care? Stress relief is important. It allows us to rejuvinate, and re-compose ourselves. Relaxing and self care reduces the built up stress from our everyday routine and gives us a renewed feeling. With less stress   we restore motivation and ability to put more effort in our lives which can improve the quality of our days. Here are some very simple ways to reduce stress.

We can engage our senses in many effective stress relief activities.

Sometimes we need visual stimulation to relax our mind and encourage  positive and refreshing cognitive processes.
Read a book
Watch a nice movie
Take pictures
Flip through an album

Certain scents can increase and stimulate relaxation. A nice smell can even evoke happy memories.
Burn a scented candle
Use aromatherapy  oils
Take a walk through the park
Smell the flowers
Visit the beach

Relax your muscles by engaging your sense of touch. This can physically  relief stress and tension.
Wear warm and soft clothes
Get a massage
Plant a garden
Take a nice long stroll

Relieve built  up emoitons, thoughts and feelings through your sense of speech. Being more verbal  can communicate your  feelings to others and you can get  extra help if necessary
Sing loudly
Talk to someone
Engage in deep breathing
Speak positive affirmations
Cry if you need to

Listening to certain sounds can increase relaxation  and reduce stressful thoughts. Certain sounds can be found in the natural environment  if you are mindful enough to find them.
Birds  singing
Trees rustling
Ocean waves
A favourite radio programme
A positive speech

These are some simple, natural and inexpensive ways to reduce the build up of stress and tension from our regular  routine. It really is nice to take a step back sometimes an unwind. Sometimes a good talk, a movie, family time, a day spend with friends and more can do an amazing job in unwinding us from all the work we put out.

What are some de-stressing activities that work for you? Tell us in the comments so someone else can try them too 🙂


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