Strong People Show Emotions

So there is a common idea that expressing emotions equates to being weak or vulnerable. Crying is seen as a sign of immaturity and persons are often advised to suppress feelings of sadness. But why do people consider these emotions to be weak? Is it because it takes a great deal of strength to deal with such overwhelming emotions; strength that they themselves could not find? Because it does. It takes tremendous courage for someone to admit to feeling sad, lonely, or depressed. Persons who see these feelings are vulnerable may in fact be withholding similar emotions within themselves due to fear of the inability to tolerate or overcome them.

Many people are afraid of the outcome if they express such deep feelings. “What will others think? Will I ever feel good after that? Will I cry too much and embarrass myself?How do I stop crying when I start?” These are the questions that plague people who avoid showing feelings.

However, while these people may try to impart their fears on others, remember that showing emotions does not indicate weakness; in fact, it shows that you are strong enough to admit when you feel down, persist, and rise through the difficult situation. Sad emotions show the love and care you share and the hope you hold within. Feeling the pain of others and sadness for external issues show that you have an understanding for the feelings of others so much that their pain ignites similar feelings within you until they are able to return to comfort. Don’t diminish that care. Continue showing empathy,  overcome your deep emotions and let your strength continue to grow with each difficult situation.


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3 thoughts on “Strong People Show Emotions

  1. This is a very delicate issue and one that needs to be discussed over and over until it starts to be desmystified in people’s minds. It is difficult to show deep feelings. It is when we express deep feelings, that other people relate to us and we realise that what we feel is actually more common than we thought. And suddently we are not weirdos, alone in the world. It is in difficult times that the human being reveales its altruist and caring nature and strong bonds are created.
    Thank you for the post.


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