How to Uncover your Self Worth

If you can’t think of any worthy trait about yourself, your self esteem is dropping, or you view yourself as incompetent, you may need some guidance in recognizing your self worth. But what really is self worth? Self worth includes your sense of value about yourself. It is how you see yourself, and how much you value your self as a person. People may measure their self worth based on how well they think they can do or accomplish tasks, and what value you think you are to society or how important you think you really are.

If you grew up in or you are constantly in a negative environment where insults are thrown, arguments are common, and persons do not consider the emotional or psychological needs of others, your sense of self worth may get buried beneath that pile of negativity. To add to this, the lack of self care which may be due to resilience in times of hardships, lack of time, or fatigue, can increase the frustrations that block your self worth from surfacing.

Often times people may say ‘well raise your self esteem’; ‘think about your self worth’; ‘stop being so negative’ …but do they really give you assistance in rebuilding your self worth? No. Many people are unaware of how to find their self worth or build one.

Here are three things to look for to help you uncover your self worth ->

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

Engage in some inner reflection to determine what you believe you are good at, and what you think your weaknesses are. You can use a journal, brainstorm, think of your accomplishments. If thoughts of  what you CAN’T do keeps on popping up, don’t push them away. Take note of them and think of what is holding you back from accomplishing these goals. It is important to use your own thoughts to arrive at your strengths and weaknesses and not ask others for their opinion of you. Also, take note of your likes, dislikes, and what you would like yourself to be.

  • A Value System: 

What are some values that you believe are important in life? Examples: integrity, honesty, friendship, and more. Think about these values and how you implement them in your own life; do you ignore them when is difficult situation arises, do you actively try to act of these important beliefs? Also, think about how you treat yourself and how you would like others to treat you. Do you treat others the same way you like to be treated? Determine what behaviours are acceptable for you. How would you like to behave?

  • Your Benefits to Others

While self worth is not about what you do for others, the way we view ourselves can be affected by our work in striving towards betterment in society. Think about your importance to the people you interact with daily, and the society at large. You family, friends, and others in the public have benefited from socializing with you in some way. Does your job involve service to others? Do you work towards ensuring your family is happy? Do you promote making a difference in society for betterment? Some people may receive comments and thanks that give a warm feeling for the good they do for someone else, even its as simple as selling them coffee in the morning. However, if you do not receive thanks, do not view this as a problem within yourself or that you do not deserve it. Every bit of service you do for someone else is a helpful act (even if you get paid or they are your family) and these small actions towards doing a good job is a definite mark of your importance and worthiness. So, think about how your presence have impacted on the lives of others.


Finding your self worth is not hard, however it requires inner reflection and deep introspection. Take some time, maybe on bus, while eating, in the shower, before bed…to think about and evaluate how you view yourself. Deeply think about it and ask yourself if that makes sense to you. Do you really believe the negative comments you may receive? A good way to keep track of your journey towards finding your self worth is to keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, even contradictions in your beliefs and actions that you may discover! And remember, self worth is not how others view you, it is how YOU important view YOURSELF to be! 

Do you have any other tips for finding self worth? Tell us in the comments; someone may read your comment and gain from it!


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One thought on “How to Uncover your Self Worth

  1. This piece seems written for me! Thanks! Struggle is real. A friend once was so frustrated in explaining how much I was worth in her opinion, that she told me “I wish I could rip your eyes off and let you look at yoursef from my point of view. Probably you’d understand what I mean!”…creepy but to the point!


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