Feeling Overwhelmed Lately?

  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much?
    1. > Stick to a night time routine which helps to train your brain that it’s bedtime;
    2. > Go to bed at a reasonable time every night (not too late);
    3. > Practice relaxation exercises (such as yoga or meditation) to help calm your mind;
    4. > Consume a soothing drink (such as a chamomile tea);
    5. > Fall asleep to a scent that help foster relaxation and sleep- such as lavender.
  • Constant tiredness no matter how much sleep you get! / Lacking energy?
    1. > Eat healthy foods that give you energy;
    2. > Exercise or engage in physical activities to help tire you out and get a better night’s rest;
    3. > All tips from #1 are applicable.
  • High-strung anxious!
    1. > Take a MENTAL HEALTH DAY off work;
    2. > Break large tasks into smaller ones and focus on completing a large one at a time;
    3. > Establish more balance in your life ( balance between work and play);
    4. > Ask for additional time to work on or complete any task that may have been stressing you out.
  • Loss of appetite or overeating!
    1. >Try to establish an eating routine and stick to it. Soon enough your brain will learn to follow this pattern;
    2. >With loss of appetite- try eating smaller snacks throughout the day and eat bigger meals when you’re feeling most hungry;
    3. > Limit caffeine intake as this will also lead to loss of appetite;
    4. >Eat healthy foods that give you the most energy and nutrition (healthy fats and proteins);
    5. >Exercise and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Lacking Motivation
    1. Take some time for yourself and practice self-care strategies


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