Trini Treasures

Caribbean islands are surrounded by clear blue waters, white sand, and beautiful beaches. Coconut trees not only line the seasides, but embellish the inner cities and countryside as well. Beauty is never distant nor lost, as nature, wildlife, and greenery are characteristic of these islands. In Trinidad, lush mountains overlooking the country can be seen at almost any point on the island; North, South, Central, the capital city, deep in the country…even the most urbanized areas. My people boasts that ‘we live where others vacation’ and no truer words have been spoken.

Green fields and hills in the South lands.

Trini culture also presents a sense of ease, relaxation, and calmness in day-to-day life; an element that I hold firmly onto. All worries and pains dissipate with waves crashing against the Maracas bay seashore at sunset. Beach days restore inner peace on Sundays and the zeal to conquer the coming the week’s challenges. Even during the hectic workday, I can simply step outside and listen to birds chirping melodiously as the sunhine highlights the mountainside. There is absolutely nothing in that moment more peaceful or serene.

View of the Northern Mountainous Range as seen from the third floor of an office building in Port-of-Spain.

These simple pleasures in Caribbean life are taken for granted and ignored. People wish for better lives and peace everyday but fail to acknowledge these little elements that provide joy and serenity to regular moments. Expensive gifts and vacations seem like the ultimate goal, however, the best form of happiness is when you can be happy with what life presents to you at this very moment. Take a look around and observe the hidden beauties. There is always something waiting to be appreciated, just as you are waiting too. So appreciate.

Lush variety of plants and trees. This picture was taken just outside the back door of a home in South.

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