Feeling Overwhelmed Lately?

Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much?> Stick to a night time routine which helps to train your brain that it's bedtime;> Go to bed at a reasonable time every night (not too late);> Practice relaxation exercises (such as yoga or meditation) to help calm your mind;> Consume a soothing drink (such as a chamomile tea);> … Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed Lately?

Trini Treasures

Caribbean islands are surrounded by clear blue waters, white sand, and beautiful beaches. Coconut trees not only line the seasides, but embellish the inner cities and countryside as well. Beauty is never distant nor lost, as nature, wildlife, and greenery are characteristic of these islands. In Trinidad, lush mountains overlooking the country can be seen … Continue reading Trini Treasures

The Silent Struggles of Caregivers

Caregiver, a noble role, however exhausting. Caregivers may be overlooked in society, as they are seen as people without 'elite' jobs. A biased opinion indeed. The duties of caregivers are numerous, and in fact, never ending because the needs of people are continuous! These are persons entrusted with the care of orphans, disabled persons, elderly, … Continue reading The Silent Struggles of Caregivers