Negative Beliefs and Depression

Major Depressive Disorder, as we explained previously, is not the typical sadness one feels. It affects one's life in many areas: increase/loss of appetite, over/under sleeping, loss of interest in activities, lack of energy, restlessness and more. Biological factors seem to play a causal role, since genetics may determine the intensity of symptoms. Studies show that … Continue reading Negative Beliefs and Depression

Psychological Causal Factors of Depression Pt 2

We previously noted that STRESS is a psychological causal factor of DEPRESSION. But what kind of stress and how does is affect depression? Stress is a daily experience in many lives that lead to burn out at the work place, familial conflicts, and even personal issues such as self harm and extreme weight loss. Studies … Continue reading Psychological Causal Factors of Depression Pt 2

Share Your Story: Speaking Up (My Mental Illness Journey)

This person's story (submitted anonymously) speaks about the pains of bipolar disorder and the decision to seek help.   I hadn’t been in college very long, but even though I had settled in and made some close friends, I began to feel like something was not right. I was sad all the time, and crying for … Continue reading Share Your Story: Speaking Up (My Mental Illness Journey)

Fighting depression with Serotonin!

Disclaimer!  If you haven't checked out our last post then I would highly suggest doing so before continuing this post -> The Science of Depression! Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter which helps to regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep memory, and sexual desire and function. It goes without saying that low … Continue reading Fighting depression with Serotonin!