Receive Support, Provide Support

Often times we all sink so low that we think we can't go lower. No motivation, no will to get up in the morning. During these are times we feel beyond hopeless. And in the midst of despair, a blessing comes along in the form of a person. This person listens with an open ear … Continue reading Receive Support, Provide Support


Meet and Greet – Promote Your Sites

Hey Everyone and Welcome to our Social Media Promotion - Where you can promote your own page: blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or more. We aim to build a community of persons belonging to a diverse range of fields. Here's how to promote your pages: Post the link of your blog, and/or social media pages in … Continue reading Meet and Greet – Promote Your Sites

Thinking about thinking! -Cognitive Distortions

Major #tb to Biology class! The Brain The brain is an amazing three-pound organ that controls all functions of the body, interprets information from the outside world and embodies the essence of the mind and the soul. Intelligence, creativity, emotion and memory are a few of the many things governed by the brain. The brain receives … Continue reading Thinking about thinking! -Cognitive Distortions

Manipulatives in the Classroom

What are Manipulatives?  Manipulatives are physical objects that students can use to assist or enhance learning of any particular subjects. Manipulatives can include toys, shapes, rice, counters, sticks, bottles covers, and much more. Most times, manipulatives are used in teaching Mathematics, however, they can used to teach any subject that can be linked to physical … Continue reading Manipulatives in the Classroom

Psychological Causal Factors of Depression Pt 1

Depression (major depressive disorder) is characterized by deep feelings of sadness, isolation and loss of interest in activities that are usually pleasurable. A person experiencing depression may have trouble sleeping, sleep too much, lose or gain appetite, feel worthless and guilty, and experience fatigue and thoughts of suicide. Depression does not only involve ‘mental’ or … Continue reading Psychological Causal Factors of Depression Pt 1